Colloidal silver for humans, pets and plants

Colloidal silver fluid is used as an alternative antibiotic for the chemical antibiotic of regular veterinary medicine. Especially in the control of bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi it has proved to be very effective. Regular science has shown that silver is a strong antibiotic. Colloidal silver was used by many physicians against bacterial infections. At that time, colloidal silver was too expensive to patent and at the same time, regular medicine (pharmaceutical industry) developed its own antibiotics, making less clinical use of silver less noticeable.  

Today, many pathogenic bacteria, fungi and viruses have been found to be immune to the functioning of the regular antibiotics. In addition, most regular antibiotics also destroy the useful bowel bacteria. Although colloidal silver cleans many harmful bacteria, the intestinal flora remains intact. In practice, the useful bacteria are not cleared by the silver only the harmful ones.